Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody lyric meanings

The song tells of a boy who has committed a murder, and has been sentenced to death, OR maybe about a boy who commits suicide.

The opening line “is this the real life, is this just fantasy?” could be after he has committed suicide, and is experiencing the afterlife. This also shows with “look up to the skies and see,” where he is talking about entering heaven.

“I just killed a man”, he might be talking about himself in third person. Because he wasn’t thinking clearly before he pulled the trigger, he now feels guilty and confesses to his mother.

When he discusses leaving everyone behind, and facing the truth it is possibley talking about his personal religious judgment. He also says he doesn’t want to die, which could mean that he hasn’t faced the fact that he is dead yet. He also wishes that he’d never been born at all, fairly typical of comments made by suicidal people. This would also explain his words, “nothing really matters”

In the next scene, It could be God(s) judging him, and sentencing him to hell (which would explain the thunderbolts and lightening, and devil, Bismillah (in the name of God).

Scaramouch means cowardly, Fandango to do a foolish or useless thing, Beelzebub is another word for the Devil

Most of these ideas have been taken from other interpretations, especially potatoski


Abba – Waterloo, Lyric Meaning

Waterloo, Abba Song Meaning
One opinion is as follows:
The song is about a woman who is suddenly pursued by a person that she didn’t want to give in to, whether because she wasn’t looking for a relationship, didn’t like him, or whatever.
She struggles to resist (Like a battle in a war) and get away from him, but in the end, gives in and “loses”, (“…I tried to hold you back but you were stronger”) proclaiming her “Waterloo”, just like Napoleon finally lost at Waterloo.
As well as admitting her defeat, she also proclaims her loyalty and love for the guy, who earned it by “winning” the war (“…I was defeated, you won the war… Promise to love you for ever more”)

Thanks to iridescentsong thoughts and opinions